My World – A Quick Recap

I have not been as good about posting as I had planned to be, so here’s a quick recap of what has been going on in my life.


The end of July took me to New York City for RWA2015. This was my first RWA convention, but it will not be my last. To say that it was fabulous is an understatement. I met wonderful people that I continue to keep in touch with, and it goes without saying that I learned so much about the wonderful craft of writing.




August was not as much fun as July. Shortly after I returned home from NYC, my husband and I discovered that our pool had a leak. That’s never good news. To make matters worse, the company that we selected to repair the leak was booked up until the end of September. I was fine with waiting. My husband, who works in commercial construction, was not. He decided that he, along with the gentleman who does the regular cleaning and maintenance on our pool, could locate and repair the leak. I reminded him that he builds commercial structures, not pools. That didn’t deter him. ? Several holes in the deck pavement and a little more than a week later, they discovered that we had leaks in two different pipes thanks to a couple of overgrown tree roots.





They repaired the pipes and filled in the holes in the pavement. I would like to say that the fill closely matches the original pavement, but it doesn’t. The saving grace is that we had already planned to redo the pavement next year even before the leak developed, so the patch job will be gone before next summer.


Then came September. Thank God! My birthday and a trip to Hawaii was waiting for me at the end of the month. The fact that I said Hawaii pretty much sums it up. We spent a little less than two weeks on Maui. It is paradise on earth for me.





October brought us back to Dallas and a return to our normal routines, aka work, writing and the rest of the life stuff that we all have to deal with. One thing that carried over into October is the promise that I made to myself while in Hawaii. I vowed to take time to do more of the things that help me to recharge and relax. In line with that I have gone back to my daily mediation practice. It has only been a couple of weeks, but I have already noticed a difference in myself. I’m calmer, even when annoyances arise. I’m also making time for a few treats such as pedicures.





That pretty much covers the last few months. Now I’m focused on finishing my book and getting ready for the holidays. Until next time.





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      Thank you for stopping by. I know what you mean about tree roots. In addition to the pool situation, we also had some issues with them and our plumbing system for the house a few years ago. I’m not a fan of them either when it comes to the housing issues they can cause. Good luck with resolving the basement issue.

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