I’m Back

Whew!  It has been a minute since I was last here, but I’m back and I’m dusting off the cobwebs.  My original plan for my blog was to share my writing experiences and updates on the progress of my books, but then I experienced several significant life changes.  I got married.  I became the primary caregiver of my mom when she became ill, and I started a new job in a demanding career.


For some reason I thought that despite all of these changes, I would have time to write my novels, blog, and still be able eat and sleep (at least a little).  Clearly I was wearing rose colored glasses and had unrealistic expectations of myself when I launched my blog.


The reality was that I was being pulled in so many directions that I could not focus on writing books or blog posts.  Not only was I challenged with finding the time to write, but I also developed a severe case of writer’s block.  I didn’t know what to write about, because I didn’t want to write what I felt, which was overwhelmed and frustrated most of the time.  Generally I’m an optimist, and I don’t like focusing on or talking about the unpleasant side of something.  But that’s real life, and real life happens to everyone, even me, the eternal optimist.


Now I’m  back with a different attitude and a different approach to my life and my writing.  I only have so much time, so I’m very careful about where and how I spend it.  I have priorities and I stick to them.  I understand that even when something needs to be done, it does not necessarily need to be done by me.


With regards to my writing, I now understand that it’s not just about the number of words that I write.  It’s also about the writing journey.  The journey of the good, the bad, the highs, and the lows that I experience as I travel this road of being a writer.


So where am I currently on my writing journey?  In three words—making significant progress.  I still don’t always have the large blocks of uninterrupted time that I would like, but I have learned to write where and when I have time, whether it’s a couple of hours in my home office or ten minutes standing in line at my favorite salad place.


This new approach is paying off.  I’m happy to report that I should have several books ready for publication this December.  So stop by often for updates on the upcoming releases and other exciting news.


Until next time, be blessed.



  1. LOVExtraRomanceNews says

    Family first of course but somehow we still want some external validation and we feel we SHOULD be able to do it all. So happy you RT d me today. I love to meet a new-to-me author! Good luck for December

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