Back On Track

During the last couple of months, I missed my writing goal of at least 5000 words per week more than I achieved it.  There were various reasons, including illness, longer hours at my day job, and various family obligations.  But even after I recovered and my hours at my day job became more reasonable, I still had a difficult time getting back into the swing of my writing routine.


All of that changed this past week.  I only wrote a few words early in the week, but I picked up momentum on Thursday that carried through the rest of the week.  I wrote 2279 words yesterday and 1377 on Friday.  My final count for the week was 5132 words.  Yay!!!


Now it’s time to start on next week’s goal.





  1. Jim Proctor says

    The words don’t always flow. Then, sometimes, they flow like a damn has broken. Keep at it. You will get there! Good luck!

    • says

      So true Jim. I’m currently fighting through another dry period. The good news is that I know that I will get through it. Thank you for the encouragement and well wishes.

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